What is cast aluminum alloy

By | November 24, 2016

Aluminum alloy is one of the few metals that can be molded by various methods such as casting, metal casting, sand casting molds (dry sand mold and sand mold fresh), plaster molds, casting flow patterns , continuous casting. Some new advanced casting methods, such as casting fire form can also apply.

A lot of factors affect the selection method for casting machine parts manufacturing aluminum. The most important factors are:
– Cost and feasibility
– Quality

In terms of feasibility, many aluminum alloy can be molded by various methods, however, based on the size and design will choose a most suitable casting method. Typically the metal mold weighs between 10 and 100 times higher than castings, so the details are molded largest sand is more suitable metal molding or casting. The small details are often molded metal – to ensure accuracy, less processing engine.


Quality is an important factor determining the selection of the casting method. Quality here means “excellent level” of castings (porosity, cracking, flaking surface smoothness …) and the “body count” of products (reliability and ductility).

However, one thing can not be forgotten for engineers in general is casting in the pressure casting method, although the cold huge factor, air, especially hydrogen gas will be retained in the casting, there the porosity can focus in the middle part of the castings. Some recent studies have tried to find ways to reduce porosity but it is very difficult if not impossible to remove all are porosity, while the method for molding or die-casting metal low power products are the perfect casting. In casting, the focus porosity between castings, reduces mechanical properties and even the dog is lower than the aforementioned poor although molding method for rapid cooling rate for very small organization smooth-muscle seeds very high capital calculation.

However, in each molding method will have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, casting engineers strive to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses of each method, in order to meet the complex needs of exam schools-fast, much, better, cheaper.

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