The main reason I like Vietnam vacation package

By | March 9, 2016

1. Street food

The right place to try Vietnamese dishes is not in the swanky site, but on simple food stores in the streetside.Street food in Vietnam is varied with dozen of options just like sticky rice, Saigon bagurette, rice noodles.It is astounding that the way to prepare street food in Vietnam is indeed unsophisticated, yet the taste is awesome.Luckily, you could find street food everywhere around you.During my Vietnam holiday packages, I vote the experience of eating food in the streets to be the most significant memory of mine.

Street food in Saigon packages

2. Cross the road
Probably the most crucial technique you need to learn when you possess travel packages in Vietnam is the skill to cross the road.Resulting from the huge popularity of motorbike, the roadways in Vietnam is crowded with two-wheel motorcycles which could hardly forecast their flow.To pass the road, the most awesome trick is to walk calmly and not to suddenly run through traffict.It is possible to ask the citizens to help you; they are actually friendly and don’t mind assisting you.The sensation once you have successfully go to the other side of the lane is fabulous: You have won victory in this difficult task!

3. Coffee
Being known as the second biggest coffee producer of the world, Vietnam is the heaven of coffee.The taste of coffee in Vietnam is quite strong and fragrant.Local people often add sweeten condense milk to this type of drink to turn it into more luscious.Trung Nguyen is among the most legendary coffee company in Vietnam.Having some coffee in the shop of Vietnam makes me become happy and relieving.

4. Halong bay
Halong implies “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. Nice name, and cool place to visit too.Being called a world heritage site, Halong bay is truly as breathtaking as compliment on the internet.Coming to Halong bay, the breathtaking scenery will definitely make you feel like you have dropped into some dream on earth.Covered by rainforests in the top, huge limestone islands is the most appealing highlights in Halong bay.The forms of limestone karsts and isles is various.An advice that you should listen to is to avoid public holiday and peak time when booking a tour here.

5. City parks
The park area in Vietnam is energetic with many people along with a massive amount of things to do.Vietnamese people generally perform physical exercise or practice dancing together in the morning time.You may as well see people walking and also running in the local park.Collective activity is a fabulous factor in Vietnam’s culture.You can join those routines and have fun if you wish for; don’t worry too much, you are always welcome as Vietnamses people are warm and friendly.
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