Đảm bảo Việt An “guarantee” mặt hàng water filtration hai tư tháng

By | October 17, 2016

As you Having any problems with water with ice supply for your daily activity utilize or your commerce units, you may allude water filtration, ice cube maker about our company – Viet An Company . We are an best company in Viet Nam approximately selling water filter equipment and tube ice machine .

Every Viet An general trading joint stock company water filter and ice cube machine products are equipped by RO water filtration technology and 2 main valves which are automatic valve with hand operated valve.

Components about Viet An Company water filtration, ice makers employ an advanced parts – “stainless steel” 304 (containing to 18% chromium with 10% nickel) with high corrosion resistance. This sort of high-grade materials may withstand and striking change about weather and surroundings . According to experts, the life-span of these  form of product what’re made by “stainless steel” 304 Steel can be up to more than 10 years.

Notwithstanding , an products manufactured by using 304 thép không gỉ Steel Have cultured point – that is cost high price – accordingly it’s only suitable for industrial water purification project.

Viet An general trading joint stock company water filtration with 4 filter levels:

If you are concerned about ability about an Viet An water filter in producing decent water, second please tracking of following filtering level, you will capable to find complete peace of mind :

– Level 1: PP filter (Polypropylene fiber and Polypropylene core). This filter core column is made from PP raw fiber that can prevent impurities toxic in water.

– Level 2: Activated carbon filter core. Number 2 Column and filter core is manufactured from corn cob activated carbon, water will be filtered out substances which are not good for health.

– Level 3: Number 3 Core is still from activated carbon – it will continue to clean water and absorb dissolved biological substances, contaminants, pesticides and other harmful heavy metals which remaining in water.

A good water treatment system and tube ice maker for users

– Level 4: RO – reserve osmosis. Here It’s with reverse osmosis membrane technology will separate water into 2 kinds, with there is only new parts of pure water will be capable Get through the filter, with other element about remaining water will be discharged through  exhausting valve. Although waste water is from an water production line, but this is fairly clean, you may employ it to wash vegetables, wash clothes, or bathing … Etc.

Anyway , At the time you wish to buy water filtration system for trade purposes, you should buy bottled filling systems. Because it will help you solve the problem about work and increase labor productivity remarkable. This water filtration system will be capable to runs completely automatic and may meet intact sức chứa about any kind about water filters. Currently, prices of Viet An general trading joint stock company bottled filling System – will take at approximate about eighteen million VND like and 900 USD – it is surprised number for everyone.

Policies intended to customers who buy water purification system , ice maker :

  • Free transport service for every Viet An Company water filtration system.
  • Give out discount cards Once buying a large sức chứa Purified Water Refilling Station , ice maker machine .
  • Offer supporting and consultancy services in free Once buying Equipment water refilling station , ice maker machine .
  • Exchange product within one week, provided equipment meets any kind of malfunction.
  • Important offering to customers who previous to purchase water purification products from Viet An Company .
  • Transporting time in day, if you’re close to any kind of show rooms from Viet An Company .

Advantages about Viet An Company industrial water filtration system, ice making machine

  1. Components are from water filtration system, ice makers for sale which are easy to replace with repair.
  2. An investment take of buying Việt An product is accordingly correct for volume of this machine.
  3. When operating – Viet An joint stock company Water refilling station , ice tube maker will not emit noise to surrounding environment .
  4. Compared to other industrial water treatment , ice maker machine on the market, Viet An Company water filtration system , ice makers can save up to 25% power consumption.
  5. Due to every Viet An equipment are manufactured by stainless steel – “stainless steel” 304, so it will help you don’t capture much cost of maintenance At the time well As an reliability about this machine is up to 10 years.
  6. One plan about ice maker machine is easy , simple to transport with install.
  7. It has the protecting circuit (accordingly Once an machine overloaded, or brief -circuit, system will automatically shut down power). Furthermore, an display and LCD alerts will help everyone operate , interact become simpler than ever.


Our company now has branches in Hanoi, Da Nang, Buon Me Thuot, with Ho Chi Minh. Provided you need to buy Industrial Water Purification System , ice maker machine may visit to our branches by following addresses.

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