Beautiful setting on top of the French village of Bana

By | March 29, 2016

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Bao La villages famous for a long rattan lamps so hue tours and hoi an tours will work with you to find out about this village you then, but the lamp is made from rattan skillful artisans and has extensive experience abroad and thus successfully brought fame to this village and also helped craft rattan lamps are upheld and promoted in advance modern life. As hue tours and hoi an tours know, now has many hotels use these lamps as well as high-grade zones are preferred resport lamps. These types of lights that you can find in the village of Bao Luo were lights fig, pomegranate lights, helmet lamps, lights hexagonal, octagonal honeycomb lamp, square lamp string quilt, quilt square lamp slanted, light showers . The difference of this rattan lamps are made of rattan raw materials is an extremely folk material, however, is designed with a modern style to make it more impressive. You can click here to book hue tours and hoi an tours with cheap rates to visit this village during the summer is coming offline

French village famous bana hill tour 1 day is seen as a miniature picture of France in our country with famous works such as churches, towns, hotels or squares … This will be a place incredibly beautiful spot for those who prefer European architecture and enjoy the service like caste atop the mountain god. You may book bana hill tour 1 day to go back in time back to enjoy the romance and sophistication of ancient French architecture to implement this first one to build a legal village neck on the mountain with the weather god 4 seasons in one day then build the church with an area of ​​4.5 hectares St.Denis and investment costs of about 70 million, to create more attractions bana hill tour 1 day people built the village to conduct bold approach to the legal nature of the restaurant system, most customers world-class. As mentioned this is the area for those who prefer to use premium services, so the price you spend is not small, but if you sign up for tours cheap Bana will be reduced a little there light

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